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Data Management and Analytics

School districts are generating more data than ever before. Each new app – whether focused on assessment, instruction, social-emotional, or administrative – is providing rich, actionable information. The challenge is getting all of that data into one secure place. We believe teachers and administrators should spend their limited time acting on this information ... not organizing it. Integrity’s AnalyticVue platform is helping districts connect their disparate data sources to provide role-based dashboards, real-time notifications, and powerful insights. 

Programs and Services

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When you combine your district’s datasets with AnalyticVue, the possibilities are limitless:

  • Student Intervention and Early Warning

  • College and Career Readiness / Dropout Prediction

  • On-the-Fly Report / Dashboard Development

  • Learning Loss Identification and Mitigation

  • Cohort Development, Management, and Longitudinal Analysis

  • Standards-based Coherence Mapping and Resource Alignment

  • Strategic / School Improvement Planning and KPI Tracking

  • Public Reporting Linked to your Website

  • Evaluation of Resource Effectiveness


Integrity is working with a cohort of Massachusetts districts, including Framingham, Duxbury, Winchester, Melrose, Hingham, Maynard, and Oak Bluffs to accomplish these outcomes and more. Integration can be as quick as a week, and we have developed this platform to be affordable for districts of all demographics. Moreover, AnalyticVue has been approved by the Student Data Privacy Alliance and we have Data Privacy Agreements in place with all district partners!

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